San Francisco Genetic counseling

San Francisco Genetic Counseling specalizes in prenatal and preconception genetic counseling, especially for those seeking an out-of-hospital birth.

SFGC also provides services for egg or sperm donor screening and individuals with lingering questions after direct-to-consumer genetic testing, such as 23andMe.

San Francisco Genetics is owned and operated by Janine Mash, a licenced and certified genetic counselor based in San Francisco.


Janine Mash, LCGC

Janine Mash has been a certified and licensed genetic counselor for nearly
10 years, specializing in preconception and prenatal counseling.

Trained at the University of Colorado - Denver, Janine obtained an extensive background in laboratory testing before moving onto clinical work at Natera, UCSF, and Stanford.

On a personal level, Janine is a mother of three daughters. She is an advocate of evidence-based medicine and strongly believes everyone has the right to give birth where they feel most comfortable, supported by providers with their best interests at heart.

Janine Mash is licensed by the State of California and,
certified by the American Board of Genetic Counselors