Prenatal & Preconception

All prenatal genetic testing is optional, but how do you know if these options are right for you and your family?

SFGC provides individualized genetic counseling, focused on determining which, if any, prenatal or preconception testing is right for you. You'll learn what these tests can and cannot reveal, while we determine how these options fit into your own personal ethics and desires.

There is more here than just the "big question," to terminate vs. not terminate. Genetic screening and testing during a pregnancy can help inform all kinds of decisions during a pregnancy.

Through a personalized decision making process, SFGC will help determine what screening or testing strategy is right for you, even if that means no screening at all.


Donor Services

There are many ways to make a family, and if you're considering using a donor to make yours, finding the right one can be a daunting task. 

SFGC can help facilitate choosing a donor by analyzing a prospective donor’s family history and coordinating genetic carrier screening for both you and your donor.  These services can be helpful for families using known donors, especially in a home setting, but would still like to obtain a full family history to provide their future child. SFGC is LGBTQ friendly and supportive of all ways to create a family.

Direct to Consumer Testing

Your 23andMe results are in... but what does this all really mean?
Are the "protective variants" really protective?
Are there other actions I should be taking?
Am I really "low risk" for the diseases tested for? 

If lingering questions exist, I can help you navigate your results, explaining their impact on your daily life in an independent, honest way.